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Supporting the Bandstand

Published on Thursday, December 20, 2012 By Melissa Prycer
In 1974, the staff and volunteers of Old City Park built our reproduction Victorian bandstand, and since that time, it’s been a visual centerpiece of the museum. (/images/postimages/cl1979_0231.jpg) Candlelight 1979 One of our all time favorite “pretty” shots. By volunteer photgrapher Priscilla Killion For decades, it was the main image of our logo. (/images/postimages/ocp-pc-2871.jpg) It’s been an important part of various museum events and activities. A camp activity in 2005 Using the bandstand for its original intention–music! Our re-enactor friends have used it for their annual Civil War skirmish. A wood turning demonstration during a special event. A perfect spot fo ..

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