Kitties Galore

Published on Thursday, July 11, 2013 By Melissa Prycer
(/images/postimages/072108-003.jpg) Clover and Barney on patrol. Rodents beware! Mother Nature has been busy this year at the village, producing kittens. The spaces beneath our buildings make for appealing feline nurseries, and some expectant mothers have taken advantage of that. We may have as many as 20 cats on site right now. Four are existing barncats, all spayed or neutered, who have lived here for years. The others are newcomers, eager to carry on the tradition of mass reproduction. We have space on our grounds for all 20 cats, and we certainly have jobs for them all. Remember, we have buildings that are often empty of humans, we have barns, and we have animal feed, and that all attracts rodents. Now that we have a family of five vicious hunters living under th ..

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