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Balancing Act

Published on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 By Melissa Prycer
In two previous blog posts I talked about our fund raising efforts as we closed out our fiscal year (September 30). I can now report that we have had a successful financial year and have finished “in the black” for the second year in succession. In these troubled economic times, we consider this quite a feat! As for our End of Year Campaign, we raised approximately $75,000, falling short of our $85,000 goal. Despite this shortfall, we were very pleased to raise $75,000, and relieved that we were able to raise this amount of money during a month where the stock market was in free fall. To all of our donors who braved a very turbulent month and still donated $75,000 to our campaign, we are eternally grateful! So, how did we fall short of our c ..

Bringing the Present Up To the Past

Published on Thursday, September 22, 2011 By Melissa Prycer
At the annual membership meeting on September 29 (6:00 p.m. at the Browder Springs Hall) we are going to do more than the usual ceremonial business meeting We are going to have a great little history program as well, one that will “bring the present up to the past.” Do you ever listen to BackStory with the American History Guys? What I love about this show are the lively and accessible historical discussions that lend perspective to today’s issues. At our annual meeting we will have our own version of BackStory. We have lined up three Dallas historians to discuss how Dallas has faced adversity in the past. Specifically, I have asked them to address this topic: given the economic and political turmoil that we have experienced in the p ..

Packing up

Published on Saturday, September 17, 2011 By Melissa Prycer
I just love a new addition to our collection of antiques—and this one is a doozie! We have lots of trunks: wooden trunks, leather trunks, big ones and little ones and one for a doll. Now, we have a wardrobe trunk in wonderful condition. A wardrobe trunk is a much cleverer version of a regular travel trunk. If we still used trunks today, this is the one the Container Store would carry. It is sort of like a chest of drawers and a closet that folds up into a box. (/images/postimages/trunk.jpg) The wardrobe trunk didn’t appear until after 1890 and really came into its own after 1900. This one is late enough to be pushing our museum’s time period. I think it was made after 1910. They are actually more Edwardian than Victorian, and you can imagine  ..


Published on Thursday, September 08, 2011 By Melissa Prycer
This fall, Village Academy classes are back! In my head, I’ve been calling it Village Academy 2.0, because we’re doing it just a wee bit differently. How so? We launched Village Academy classes back in 2005. The idea was to create a series of hands-on classes on historical topics that may or may not occur in our classroom space. When you only have one real classroom space (the second floor of the school), you have to get creative! For the very first series, we had classes for adults, teens and younger kids. However, only the kid classes seemed to work, so in later years, we focused just on the kids. A variety of staff members taught these classes—from Mrs. Kennedy at the farmstead to Mr. Clementine with the donkeys, but the education department did the  ..

Re-Accreditation Redux

Published on Thursday, September 01, 2011 By Melissa Prycer
Dallas Heritage Village Has Recently Been Re-accredited by the American Association of Museums (AAM) So what? Well, of the estimated 17,500 museums in this country, only 779, or about 4.5%, are accredited. In Texas just 39 are accredited, and in Dallas, only the Dallas Museum of Art, the Museum of Nature and Science, and the Sixth Floor Museum join Dallas Heritage Village with this designation. We are in pretty good company here! What is the significance of AAM accreditation? As the AAM likes to say, accreditation is the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.” It is an objective outside evaluation by other museum professionals who measure the museum against best standards and practices of the field. The accreditation seal of a ..

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