A reason to celebrate

Published on Friday, February 20, 2015 By Melissa Prycer
On January 19, 1966, a group of women met and organized the Dallas County Heritage Society to save Millermore, the largest remaining antebellum home in Dallas County. Though formed to save just one remarkable house, this group went on to save, move and restore almost 30 historic structures at City Park, creating the museum you know today as Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park. (/images/postimages/02-16-1972-photo-by-lee-langum.jpg) From the Millermore front porch, February 16, 1972 As historians, we’re pretty good at remembering important dates (though it would have been much more clever if I had posted this entry two days ago, on the 49th anniversary of DCHS getting the restraining order to stop the demolition of Millermore), but we don’t always tal ..

While We Were Away…

Published on Friday, February 20, 2015 By Melissa Prycer
A few things happened in The Village while we were away in January … The Texas Living History Association decided to grace us with its infinite knowledge on period culture. Various reenacting events and workshops took place throughout the days of January 23rd to the 25th. There was also a Community Roundtable discussion on Dallas/The Cedars related events that commenced on January 28th. We also attended the 16th annual Legacies Conference this being the 16th annual conference, at the Hall of State. This conference discussed everything from the Trinity River to the Kennedy Assassination. The final thing to take place this month, and what I will be focusing on, is the finishing touches put on the ticket office and museum store. This adorable building is home to our ticket ..

Conversations and Construction Trucks

Published on Thursday, January 22, 2015 By Melissa Prycer
When I last wrote about the Cedars Neighborhood (/blog/in-the-heart-of-the-cedars/), the big news was Alamo Drafthouse’s announcement that their next DFW location would be in the Cedars. Little did I know that even bigger news was coming. Shortly after that post was published, various redevelopment rumors began about multiple historic properties on Ervay Street, one of our boundaries, and those rumors are turning into reality ( Though these changes aren’t yet visible, we are so excited about what is coming in 2015 and 2016. Everything I’m about to talk concerns buildings either visible from our grounds or building ..

Candlelight Advice from the Candlelight Experts

Published on Friday, December 05, 2014 By Melissa Prycer
(/images/postimages/jlehman-candlelight.jpg) Candlelight is a Dallas Heritage Village tradition that has been around for numerous years. However, some of you might find yourself in my position, of being a recent transplant and having never attended Candlelight before. So you may be thinking, “What is this Candlelight? How does it work? What should I be prepared for?” Seeing as how I cannot answer that, I turned to the Dallas Heritage Village staff, who are Candlelight veterans. They have imparted their wisdom and advice for us first time “Candlelighters.” Helen Muncaster, our Director of Sales, importantly suggests that you purchase discounted tickets in advanced instead of having to wait in line at the door. It saves you some money and allows you m ..

Our family tradition can be your family tradition

Published on Monday, November 17, 2014 By Melissa Prycer
(/images/postimages/cl2013_ll089.jpg) As someone still relatively new to the Dallas area (I moved here last August) I am learning more and more about the city everyday. I have gone to my first State Fair, visited a handful of the numerous museums the metroplex has to offer, and have been to my fair share of sporting events. However I find that sometimes I am still missing out on some of the great things that Dallas has to offer to make new family traditions. One of those great things is Candlelight. Every year Dallas Heritage Village has a winter celebration in which the museum is open at night and is lit by the glow of countless candles. Our period homes are decorated for the holidays in historical fashion, and you can find the various ovens being put to use with cooking ..

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