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With a Little Help From Our Friends

Many of our loyal blog and e-newsletter readers are friends, but not necessarily members of Dallas Heritage Village. Assuming that is true, this posting is aimed specifically at you!

We assume that you are familiar with who we are and what we do. You probably know, for example, that we are Dallas’ only outdoor living history museum devoted to Texas heritage; that we stage a wide variety of public events and programs; that we provide field trip experiences to over 24,000 area students annually; and that we care for more than 30 historic buildings.

What you may not know, because we don’t talk about it very often in our e-newsletters, is how Dallas Heritage Village is funded.

Because we are a history museum located in Dallas’ first city park, many assume that we are funded by the City of Dallas. And while we do receive important funds and “park support” (trash removal and grass mowing) from the City, we are largely (85%) privately funded.

In comparison to the other great museums and culture groups in Dallas, we are small. We do not have a stable of large individual donors and corporations who support our budget each year. Instead, we depend on many levels of support from many people. Therefore, a relatively modest donation to Dallas Heritage Village from friends like you can actually make a real difference.

Here are some examples of what you might consider doing, and the impact that it could have on our operations:

$50 Will feed our chickens, sheep, and donkeys for one day

$100 Will fund one hands-on, kid-friendly activity during a special event

$500 Will provide both history educators and supplies for one day of school field trips

$1000 Will buy a year’s worth of pencils that students use on their history hunt tours

$2500 Will provide lumber and labor to rebuild one rotted porch on one building

How to Donate:

To make a gift online, go to: and click on “Join & Support.”

If you choose to make a gift to us on North Texas Giving Day (DonorBridge Day) on September 13, your donation will be enhanced with matching dollars. To do this go to:

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