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Birthright BBQ Fest 2019

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Join Dallas Heritage Village and Four Corners Brewing for 

Birthright BBQ Fest on Father's Day, June 16th! 

Barbecue is a Texan’s birthright. Dallas Heritage Village and Four Corners Brewing Co. invite you to celebrate that birthright at the Father’s Day barbecue event like none other. Smell and taste barbecue cooking over an open pit just like they did it in the nineteenth century when whole steers, goats, and hogs were more common than ribs and brisket. We will feature an unmatched line up of barbecue experts who will be displaying their skills in unique ways. 

We’ll have some of the best brisket in Texas from Todd David of Cattleack BBQ . The 44 Farms steer will be attended by Austin pit masters Evan LeRoy of LeRoy & Lewis BBQ and Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue. Try sausages from Dallas’ own Smokey John’s BBQ smoked right in the old smokehouse on the park grounds. Erin Smith and Patrick Feges of Feges BBQ will serve some kicked up sides along with cabrito cooked using old world techniques. And new additions for 2019 are Miguel and Modesty Vidal of Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ and Michael Wyont of Flores BBQ. And while Texas has great pitmasters we will also feature James Beard Award semifinalist Elliott Moss of Buxton Hall in Asheville, NC working his magic on some Red Wattle hogs from Legend Meats. 

Beer, barbecue and live music are all included in the price of admission. In short, you might smell like wood smoke by the time you leave but you won’t leave hungry. We’ll see you Sunday, June 16th Tickets are limited, get yours today!

Proceeds benefit Dallas Heritage Village!

DHV Members (a.k.a. Urban Pioneers), this is a special fundraiser, and you will need to purchase tickets to attend. 



Todd David of Cattleack Barbecue (Dallas, TX)
Patrick Feges and Erin Smith of Feges BBQ (Houston, TX)
Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue (Austin, TX)
Evan LeRoy of LeRoy and Lewis Barbecue (Austin, TX)
Elliot Moss of Buxton Hall (Asheville, NC)
Brent and Juan Reaves of Smokey John’s BBQ (Dallas, TX)
Miguel & Modesty Vidal of Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ (Austin, TX)
Michael Wyont of Flores BBQ (Whitney, TX)
Jeffery Hobbes of The Slow Bone Barbeque (Dallas, TX)